Additional social distancing measures

5 main rules
  1. First and most important rule: Have fun!
    The Historium is a safe place for family and friends. Enjoy your visit!
  2. Wearing face coverings is mandatory!
    Face coverings are mandatory during a visit to the Historium and/or Duvelorium. Feel free to bring your own mask and earbuds during your visit. Don't have these? Then you’ll be able to purchase them.
  3. Disinfect your hands on arrival.
    You will find dispensers throughout the building.
  4. Keep a safe distance and respect each other.
    For your health and the people around you, we ask to keep 1.5 meters away at all times.
  5. We are happy to help you!
    Our employees are happy to help you, so do not hesitate.

Plan your visit
• There is a strict control on the maximum number of visitors. This depends on the total surface of our building, which means that we allow a maximum of 100 visitors at the same time.
• Buy your tickets online. This way you avoid queues and you are sure of your visit.
• We limit and spread our visitors as much as possible. At the moment we only allow individual visitors. Groups and schools should therefore postpone their visit until the National Security Council allows this again.
• Consult the safety guidelines online here and read them again in our building.
• We take all necessary precautions to ensure a safe visit, but are not liable if someone falls ill.

During your visit
• Consult the safety guidelines. These are clearly displayed on an information board at the entrance of Historium and at the information stand in the entrance hall. Our employees are happy to assist you.
• Follow the ground markings we made to indicate social distancing. Where necessary, 'waiting dots' are also applied to the floor, so that you can always keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters.
• Do not forget to put on your mouth mask when entering the building. We ask you to bring your own mouth mask and audio earphones during the visit to the Historium Story and/or Tower. Those who do not have these can also obtain them from us.
• Wash and disinfect your hands regularly. Feel free to use the disinfection columns at the entrance and other places in the building.
• Show your online ticket at the Historium Ticket Office. If you don't have tickets yet, you can exceptionally purchase them locally and pay electronically.
• Preferably you pay contactless, but we also provide cotton swabs to key in your code. In addition, the payment terminal is disinfected after each use. Payment in cash is unfortunately not possible.
• There is a plexi wall at each desk that separates the contact between visitor and employee. Don't worry, we still see and hear each other!
• You should take backpacks and handbags with you during your visit. The use of the lockers is only permitted if absolutely necessary for safety.
• Follow the instructions of our employees. If we are full, we ask to wait a while or to come back at a later time.
• Our employees always ensure that visitors cross each other as little as possible and that the minimum distance is guaranteed.
• Our toilets are only accessible to our visitors and are cleaned intensively at least twice a day.

Do you have another question?
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