The Historium

Experience the magic of the Historium

The Historium is a wonderful historical-experience attraction that takes you back in time to the Golden Age of Bruges.
In the Historium we take you back to medieval Bruges. Cinematic sets, with music and special effects, propel you into a love story, based on Jan Van Eyck’s painting ‘Virgin and Child with Canon van der Paele'. The Historium is housed in a magnificent historical building, erected on the site where the Waterhalle once stood. The Waterhalle was the central shipping entrepôt of the thriving mercantile centre Bruges. In the attraction, this location is superbly reconstructed; it gives your visit an extra dimension. Step inside and get a real feel for the past.

Virtual time travel

Anyone who wants to try virtual reality will have a wonderful adventure with the Historium VR Experience. It allows you to complement your visit with a virtual trip to Bruges in its Golden Age. Before or after your main visit, the VR Experience takes you on an unforgettable virtual tour of medieval Bruges. From the comfort of a virtual reality booth, you travel back in time to the historical city and get to explore it interactively for eight whole minutes. You even get to see and use your hands! An intense experience.

Panoramic terrace

From our panoramic terrace, you enjoy a wonderful view of Bruges Market Square. This square is still the beating heart of Bruges.

The panoramic terrace is easily accessible. It is the perfect place for a great photo.


In our museum shop you will find souvenirs, gadgets, Duvel packs, toys, books, comic strips and more.

Rummage around in our shop, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your family or friends… or yourself.

Interactive exhibition

When exiting the last room of the Historium attraction, you come straight to the interactive exhibition. This exhibition provides historical explanations about medieval Bruges. You will learn about the architecture, the city layout and the ramparts. Also you can see how historians and designers have used the latest technology to make the Historium attraction.

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