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All groups are welcome. Companies, clubs, societies, friends… we have something to suit everyone and something to appeal to all ages.
Visit the Historium Story, the Historium Virtual Reality or enjoy the Historium City Walk. We have a choice of packages, specially tailored to make your visit memorable.

Group ticketsPrices valid until 31/12/2019

Time Traveller

Time Traveller - Save € 2.50 / ticket
€ 2.50 / ticket
Most popular ticket!
The ultimate Historium experience, all activities in 1 ticket:
  • Historium Story
  • Historium Exhibition
  • Historium Virtual Reality

Price (15 and more pers.): € 14.00

Thirsty Time Traveller

Thirsty Time Traveller - One drink included
One drink included
The ultimate Historium experience if you fancy a drink after your visit:
  • Historium Story
  • Historium Exhibition
  • Historium Virtual Reality
  • a drink in the Duvelorium, with its wonderful view of Bruges Market Square

Price (15 and more pers.): € 17.50


Historium discovery tour through medieval Bruges:
  • Historium Story
  • Historium Exhibition

Price (15 and more pers.): € 12.00

Also for salePrices valid until 31/12/2019

Historium Virtual Reality

Historium Virtual Reality
Price (15 and more pers.): € 5.00

Recommended minimum age for the Historium Virtual Reality is 11 years. Younger visitors allowed if accompanied by an adult.

Historium & Historium City Walk

Historium & Historium City Walk
After your visit to the Historium, you can enjoy a city walk in Bruges. Our experienced guide takes you to locations featured in the attraction. The walk takes roughly one hour and covers a distance of 1.5 km:
  • Historium Story
  • Historium City Walk

Price (15 and more pers.): € 18.00

Historium & Groeninge Museum

Historium & Groeninge Museum
Combine your visit to the Historium with a visit to the Groeninge Museum, where you can admire Jan van Eyck’s famous painting ‘Virgin and Child with Canon van der Paele’.
  • Historium Story
  • Groeninge Museum

The last admission to the Groeninge Museum is at 4h00 p.m.The Groeninge Museum is closed on Mondays.
Price (15 and more pers.): € 22.00


Reservation required
We advise you to book at least one week before your planned visit, by using our reservation form. This allows us to welcome you smoothly and helps keep waiting times to a minimum. If necessary, the number of participants can be changed at the Historium on the day of your visit.


Tour leaders and coach drivers
Tour leaders and coach drivers for groups can enter the Historium for free. The Historium allows 1 guide to enter for free for every 15 paying participants. Extra guides pay the same price as the other participants.

The Historium is located right in the city centre, on Bruges’ Market Square. We are located at walking distance from the train station, but we can also be easily reached by public transport. Coaches are not allowed to enter the city centre. All the information about our accessibility can be found here.

You can take an option on a visit by simply contacting us. That option must be confirmed or cancelled at least one week before the planned visit.

Please contact:
Simon Moeyaert
+32 (0) 50 34 80 36
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