Back in time with virtual reality!

Anyone who wants to try VR will have a wonderful adventure in the Historium. Get to explore medieval Bruges on a virtual tour, as if you were there in person, or play the most challenging VR games!

Historium Virtual Reality

Start your visit to the Historium with a virtual flight through medieval Bruges. During 10 minutes you will admire the medieval architecture through your VR glasses, where disappeared buildings come back to life. You sail through the Waterhalle and fly over the St. Donatian's Church. In short, an intense VR experience that you feel down to the tips of your toes! Tip: don't forget to use your virtual hands and get a real feel for the past.

Historium VR: Relive the History of Bruges

The Historium has developed a groundbreaking app that takes the exploration of medieval Bruges to the next level. With the app 'Historium VR: Relive the History of Bruges' (and the necessary high-tech device) you can experience the Golden Age of Bruges from the comfort of your own sofa: you can chat with the medieval inhabitants, practice your archery, go rowing on the canals... The Historium has proved that as far as innovation is concerned it is one of the pioneers of the museum world.

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VR Arcade Brugge

In the VR Arcade Brugge you can discover the unlimited world of virtual reality through the most challenging VR games. The VR Arcade is set up in the annex on the courtyard of the Historium. Temporarily closed.

City VR: a virtual discovery tour of the city

With its City VR, the Historium offers a virtual teaser / outdoor experience. Go on a journey of discovery through Bruges with your smartphone (and possibly a cardboard for the full experience). At 6 locations in the center of Bruges, you can use the City VR to see what the buildings looked like in the 15th century. Without your smartphone you can see what the place looks like now. Can you spot the differences?

The 6 locations are: Historium Brugge (1), Market Square (2), Belfry (3), Burg Square (4), Kraanplein (5) and Sasplein (6).

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