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A variety of educational programmes are available to help you to make your visit instructive as well as enjoyable. In a concept around Jan van Eyck's world that fits in seamlessly with their own world, film, music and special effects transport your pupils back through time and give them an accessible introduction to the history of medieval Bruges.
The Historium has the necessary facilities to ensure that your school visit is smooth and comfortable.

School ticketsPrices valid until 31/12/2020

Ticket Historium Story

Ticket Historium Story
From € 6 p.p.
Historium discovery tour through medieval Bruges:
  • Historium Story
  • Historium Exhibition

Primary schools: € 6.00
Secondary schools: € 8.00
Higher and adult education colleges: € 10.00

Ticket Historium Story + VR

Ticket Historium Story + VR
Most popular ticket!
The ultimate Historium experience:
  • Historium Story
  • Historium Exhibition
  • Historium Virtual Reality

Primary schools: € 8.00
Secondary schools: € 10.00
Higher and adult education colleges: € 12.00

Recommended minimum age for the Historium Virtual Reality is 11 years. Younger visitors allowed if accompanied by an adult.

Picnic in the Historium

School groups visiting the Historium can use our picnic area. This heated area has a maximum capacity of 50 and is freely available, on condition that users purchase at least one drink per person. Drinks cost € 1.50. Advance booking is required.
Please note that a cancellation fee of 25 euros must be paid upon cancellation of the picnic area on site.

Attractive packagesPrices valid until 31/12/2020

Combi Historium & Expo Terracotta Army

Combi Historium & Expo Terracotta Army
In 2021, you can combine your Historium visit with the temporary exhibition ‘The terracotta army of Emperor Qin’ at Xpo Center Bruges (Old St John Site – Oud Sint-Jan). This exhibition tells the story of the Chinese terracotta army, from its discovery in ‘74 to the construction of the army over 2000 BCE. Admire 70 unique figures, discover Chinese art, and learn about this world heritage. More info at
  • Historium Story
  • Historium Exhibition
  • Expo The terracotta army of Emperor Qin

Primary schools: € 10.00
Secondary schools: € 13.00

Combi Historium & Choco-Story

Combi Historium & Choco-Story
Choco-Story is a chocolate museum, housed in Bruges’ Huis De Croone, a 15th century former wine tavern. Via demonstrations and taste tests, visitors to this delicious museum learn how cacao is processed into chocolate. You will also get a complete overview of the history of chocolate. More info at
  • Historium Story
  • Historium Exhibition
  • Choco-Story

Primary schools: € 10.00
Secondary schools: € 14.00

Combi Historium & Historium City Walk

Combi Historium & Historium City Walk
After your visit to the Historium, you can enjoy a guided city walk in Bruges of 1 hour. Our experienced guide takes you to principal locations featured in our story. This ticket gives you acces to:
  • Historium Story
  • Historium Exhibition
  • Historium City Walk (1,5 km)

Primary schools: € 10.00
Secondary schools: € 12.00
Higher and adult education colleges: € 14.00

Educational Packages

Make your Historium visit an even more intense experience by downloading our educational packages. You can download the study pack and educational packages yourself.

Family Trail (primary education)
Primary education package
Secondary education package
For the packages’ keys/solutions, please email

TIP!Study pack


Reservation required
We advise you to book at least 10 working days prior to the day of visit, by using our reservation form. Your reservation is scheduled and confirmed by means of an offer. Once the offer has been approved, it will be finalised, and you will receive the invoice for your visit. The payment must be deposited prior to the visit. If necessary, the number of participants can be changed at the Historium on the day of your visit.
This allows us to welcome you smoothly and helps keep waiting times to a minimum. You can download the educational packages yourself.


You can take an option on a visit by simply contacting us. That option must be confirmed or cancelled at least 10 working days prior to the day of visit.

We ask you to provide 1 guide to accompany each school group (1 guide per 15 pupils). The Historium allows 1 guide to enter for free for every 15 paying pupils. Extra guides pay the same price as pupils.

The Historium is located right in the city centre, on Bruges’ Market Square. We are located at walking distance from the train station, but we can also be easily reached by public transport. Coaches are not allowed to enter the city centre. All the information about our accessibility can be found here.

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