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Halloween @ Historium Bruges

For a scary but a great family day out during the Autumn holidays, the Historium attraction is the right place to be. Between 25 October and 2 November you can travel from here back to the dark, medieval Bruges of old. During the autumn holidays the whole building will be covered in decorations and there will be no shortage of Halloween pumpkins! The key date for Halloween @ Historium is 31 October. On this day you can take part in craft workshops under the guidance of cackling witches, or join the grime and make-up sessions through which both young and old will certainly be able to turn everyone's stomach! And do not miss the spectacular show of Ramza the magician!


NEW: combi-ticket Historium & Beer tasting at Duvelorium (Grand Beer Café).
During the beer tasting you will be served 3 glasses of specialty Belgian beers i.e. Duvel (16,5 cl), Maredsous (12,5 cl) and Liefmans cuvée brut (12,5 cl).


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Historium is an experience attraction. You will step through lifelike sets in which film, music and special effects combine to create a magical experience. In this way you will live out an engrossing love story played out in the golden age of Bruges. It is more than seeing and hearing. You can smell and feel how life was in those times.
Thanks to the audio guide, you will experience everything in your own language.

The story that you experience in Historium takes you back to the 15th century, or 1435 to be precise. You will witness the day when Jacob met the love of his life...

The young Jacob works for Jan Van Eyck, the famous painter, and in the early morning has to pick up model Anna and parakeet Frederico from the Bruges quays. But not everything goes as planned...

MULTI-SENSE experience

Multi Senses! Historium is more than seeing and hearing. You step back into the past... and smell and feel how life was back then. Special effects make the experience even more intense. Prepare to be amazed by the smell of sage soap in the baths and feel the wind when you fly over the old city.
Enjoy the music by Nicholas Lens specially written for Historium, performed by the Brussels Philharmonic and the Flemish Radio Choir.

vlaams RADIO KOOR - brussels philharmonic Characters & story
Characters & story
  • Anna
  • Jacob
  • Van Eyck
  • Frederico
  • Di Bicci & Wieland Lauweryn
  • The Rosary Bead Maker
  • Lucia
  • Hans
  • The Bathing Girl
Piero Di Bicci & Wieland Lauweryn
Michel Van Dousselaere & Peter Van Den Begin
The bloated merchant Piero Di Bicci looks as through he won't move for anyone. The crafty trader Wieland Lauweryn waits. Di Bicci complains about the price. Lauweryn will not compromise. A chattering parrot drowns their bickering. Is it Frederico? No, it is a red bird. And a female at that...
The story of Jacob and Anna

Bruges 1435. The famous painter Jan Van Eyck completes his painting 'Madonna with Canon Joris Van der Paele'. There are two figures missing from the canvas: the madonna and a green ring-necked parakeet. Jacob the apprentice is sent by his master to the port to pick up the models. Instantly, he falls in love with the ravishing Anna. In the subsequent commotion, the ring-necked parakeet flies away and Anna runs after the bird. To make matters worse, Jacob breaks an heirloom given to him by his mother when he fell. In spite of his clumsiness, will he be able to fulfil his dream and ever become a painter? And in turn will Anna fall for him? The exciting and compelling love story runs as a thread through Historium and takes you on a unique and truthful trip through the glorious, medieval Bruges.
Virtual reconstruction

Virtual reconstruction

To bring medieval Bruges back to life, not only were historic interiors reconstructed, but the old city was also digitally reconstructed under the leadership of a team of renowned historians. In Historium you even fly through the impressive Waterhalle, which rises before your very eyes thanks to modern computer techniques.

vlaams RADIO KOOR - brussels philharmonic Things you need to know about Bruges

Things you need to know about Bruges

After the walkthrough experience, there follows an interactive exhibition. There you will discover the essence of the Bruges Middle Ages, which is interwoven into the chapters of the story.
Test yourself and do the quiz - you will know more than you think!
Make up an original postcard with your face and send it to all your friends.

Enjoy the panoramic terrace with a unique view of the Belfry and the town square. An excellent photo opportunity!

Plan your visit
Plan your visit
Opening hours
Open daily from 10am – 6pm (tickets until 5pm), except on 1 January and 25 December.

Duration of the visit: up to about 1,5 hours Nederlands, Français, English, Deutsch, Italiano, Español, Русский, 中文*, 日本語*    * Dialogues are not translated
€ 11
€ 5,50
(2 – 14)
Family Pass
€ 30
The Family Pass is valid for maximum 2 adults and 3 children (14 and under)
€ 9 p.p.
(min. 15 paying visitors)
Combi ticket Historium & Historium city walking tour
€ 15
(min. 15 - max. 24 visitors)
More information
Combi ticket Historium & Groeninge museum
€ 15
Combi-ticket Historium &
€ 25
Children (2 – 14)€ 14
More information
Combi ticket Historium &
Beer tasting at Duvelorium
(Grand Beer Café)
€ 17,80
Wheelchair users
€ 11
(free admission for 1 accompanying person)
€ 9
(on presentation of a student card)
Markt 1, 8000 Bruges
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DUVELORIUM (Grand Beer Café)

The Duvelorium is the ideal way to immerse yourself in the impressive journey back in time to the Bruges of the middle ages.
Savour and enjoy a variety of speciality Belgian beers in the unique ambiance of the Duvelorium. Duvel, Vedett, beers from the Achouffe brewery, Liefmans and De Koninck are all waiting to be sampled. The panoramic terrace offers a breathe-taking view across the market place of Bruges. In the shop visitors can purchase the beers and special offer packages. A special Historium-Duvel glass has been produced and this can only be obtained in the Historium museum. A great souvenir and a real must have for all Duvel aficionados. Experiencing the moment, relaxing and then really appreciating the wonderful surroundings and unique view, that is what Duvelorium is all about.

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Historium Bruges

Markt 1, 8000 Brugge

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Historium Bruges

Markt 1, 8000 Brugge

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